Boundaries Masterclass

Welcome to the path of your personal and professional growth by nurturing your relationships. Everybody has challenges. The only question is whether you are willing to face them and grow. Be it in a team, your family or simply yourself. Values are the driving force and at the same time demand knowing yourself to be able to efficiently set boundaries.


Are you familiar with the feeling of finding yourself again and again in a state when others don`t acknowledge you? What are you feeling when that happens?

A feeling that squeezes you in the stomach. Your body feels contracted. You get angry at the person who walks across your boundaries, but in reality you are angry with yourself, because you are not being protective towards you.

Now imagine that you learn to stand for yourself, to say no and feel good about it. It’s a great feeling when you are true to yourself and you take care of you, because you deserve it.
If you find yourself in the description, than this Masterclass is for you.

In this Masterclass receive:

  • Steps towards Fulfilling relationships.
  • Master efficient tools for setting up boundaries.
  • Recognize potential hidden conflicts with higher mental and physical energy.
  • Knowing how to say no with confidence.
  • Increased self confidence.
  • Feeling more appreciated and valued.
  • Experiencing more emotional balance and happiness.


  • Modul 1: Acknowledging and understanding of your personal boundaries. 
  • Modul 2: Mind Space Inventory.
  • Modul 3: Discovering what is behind your challenges with boundaries and how to face it.
  • Modul 4: Alining values with boundaries.
  • Modul 5: You are enough. Building self confidence.
  • Modul 6: How to communicate your boundaries? Getting to know the difference between safe and unsafe people.
  • Modul 7: How to respect other boundaries and not take them personally?
  • Modul 8: Setting an action plan for healthy boundaries.


Each week we meet for two hours, for 8 weeks.

We start on Tuesday 6th of October at 18:00.


Zoom video conference.

Each Tuesday from 18:00 to 20:00 CEST.


Willingness to level up your boundary skills and be present on at least 7 meetups.

Sign up and don’t get left out.