Coffee with Millennials

Talent retention is essential during explosive business growth.

Every time an employee quits, a replacement must be recruited, selected, trained and permitted time on the job to gain experience. It is much smarter to take good care of the employees you already have.

If you want your company to thrive

knowing how your employees are reacting to your vision is tremendously important. Are you aware of how your employees act when they’re on the job? Are there common behaviors – either good or bad? What does having this job mean to your employees, and would they go elsewhere if they had the chance? How they engage with each other and their work determines your company`s success.

A healthy company climate is especially important

as a strong, cohesive workforce is well-prepared to handle the uncertainties of corporate growth. Communication is key. Each individual has a unique combination of strengths. The best you can do is identify and unlock those unique strengths. Teams that put people first and focus on their unique sets of skills have more engaged employees leading to higher productivity and increased loyalty. Businesses are people, and people do businesses.

“Companies with happy employees have a higher market value”

If what is written in the previous paragraphs resonates with you, then you are ready to measure organizational climate in your company.

You will get information about:

  • how employees experience organization of work and
    relationships within the company,
  • what are their short and long term goals,
  • how satisfied they feel within the company.

What is organizational climate

The organizational climate is the feelings and behaviors of employees about what is happening within the company. It is their subjective experience of the atmosphere or perception of organizational values ​​and processes. The climate reflects employee satisfaction with various aspects and is, therefore, basic information about the state of the company.

Why is organizational climate important

It reflects how satisfied employees are with different aspects of the work environment. Happy employees are those who work more efficiently, are innovative, and make an essential contribution to the success of the company.

“For your company to thrive, you need your people to thrive first.”

How will the organizational climate be measured?

1st we will schedule a meeting where you`ll tell me every concern you have regarding your team, and share with me where you are strong as a team.

2nd I will get in touch with your team and agree for a coffee with each of them, be it virtual or in person. Then we`ll talk. Usually for 90 minutes. All strictly confidential. The basis for our talk will be a predefined questionnaire.

3d I will make a written report and suggestions for further nurturing and upgrading of your team.

What do you gain by measuring the organizational climate?

Insight into the actual situation in the company, analysis, and feedback,
insight in compliance of the situation with expectations and deviations from expected results, a report clearly showing the results, the basis for creating various procedures for improving the organizational climate and increasing employee satisfaction and commitment, the basis for further planning of employee development.


I speak with every employee and take 100% time just for him/her.