No team on the Earth exists which does not have it’s own specific dynamics, that nowhere else exists. So there is no rule for them all that would work. Plus, every team must have some confrontations, contra opinions, clash within interests, motivation and different roles within the team. That is why conflicts are inevitable.  

The only question is “do all team members live full potential according to their values?” And the best tool to maintain high balance is setting firm boundaries.

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Boundaries for teams consist of 3 different modules:

  • module1: group coaching for teams
  • module2: one-on-one or group coaching for team leaders


With groups I will schedule weekly meetings per 2 hours.

For one-on-one coaching I am flexible any time of the day to schedule a 60 minutes session.


Zoom video conference or meeting in person.


Willingness to level up your boundary skills and be present on at least 7 meetups.