Boundaries For Teams


When you as an employee learn how to set personal boundaries in the workplace effectively, your work relationships become more substantial, you are more motivated and have more energy for performance at work. 

It is especially important to know how to set boundaries to coworkers that continually impose additional work on you, or are impeding your work in one way or another. They might want to have a conversation when you are in a workflow or speaking too loud while being in the same room. Maybe they are acting in a way that you don`t find pleasant, and you would like them to stop. 

You will learn how to set a boundary in a peaceful but firm way so that you are acknowledged.

The goal of the workshop is to empower and recruit you to identify your boundaries and to express yourself confidently in the workplace. As a bonus, your personal life gets an upgrade as well, since boundaries are a foundation for every healthy and nurturing relationship that leads to a more fulfilling and happy life.

Purpose of the workshop:

  • upgrading the climate and relationships within the company/team,
  • realizing how good you are at knowing and communicating your boundaries,
  • getting to identify resources for setting a boundary in a non-conflicting way,
  • empowering employees to express their frustration,
  • setting up a plan for who to turn to if someone does not respect their boundary.

Benefits of the workshop:

  • upgrading employee relations,
  • upgrading one’s well-being,
  • upgrading communication between employees,
  • less hidden/detected conflicts and consequently more energy to work,
  • personal growth of employees.

Who is the workshop for?

  • individuals that would like to find more joy and satisfaction at the workplace,
    individuals that would like to get a better work-life balance,
    individuals that would like to have better relationships and more respect at the workplace,
  • companies that promote transparent communication,
  • companies that realize the importance of healthy work culture,
  • companies that see the value in the well-being of their employees,
  • companies that want their employees to be motivated and happy at work,
  • companies that promote lifelong learning,
  • companies that understand that they will only be successful in the long run if their employees are satisfied in the workplace.

Duration of the workshop:

5 hours

Topics we`ll dive into:

  • Self-discovery: what is my way of doing things?
  • Mind Space Inventory: What Things / People / Events Bring me Joy vs. Annoy me
  • Reasons why we do not set personal boundaries.
  • Why respecting other people’s boundaries?
  • A concrete plan that we put together – what to do / who to turn to when someone does not respect the set boundary?
  • Raising awareness of where they are with setting boundaries.
  • How to respectfully communicate boundaries?
  • How not to take personal boundaries personally?
  • Getting rid of guilt when you say no.
  • The importance of active listening.

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