Boundaries Coaching


Are you familiar with the feeling of finding yourself again and again in a state when others don`t acknowledge you? What do you feel when that happens? You get a feeling that squeezes you in the stomach. Your body feels contracted. You get angry at the person who walks across your boundaries, but in reality, you are mad at yourself, because you are not taking care of your well-being.

Now imagine that you learn to stand for yourself, to say no and feel good about it. It’s a great feeling when you are honest to yourself, and you take care of yourself because you deserve it. I believe in you and your success.

What are the reasons that you don`t set boundaries?

  • you may not have the courage to stand up for yourself,
  • you may want to please others too much,
  • you may be afraid of the consequences that your set boundaries could have,
  • you may be dealing with an emotional manipulator who makes you feel bad when you set a limit,
  • you may not have the support of someone to give you extra confidence and stand by your side

This coaching is for you if:

  • you are facing a specific challenge with setting a boundary,
  • you have a challenge with a particular person or situation,
  • you want someone to listen to you and look at your challenge impartially,
  • you want the support and mentorship of someone who would ask you the right questions to shed further light on your challenge,
  • you want someone to give you extra confidence and advice on how to communicate your boundaries effectively,
  • you want intimate coaching 1: 1.

Our time together

We meet 3x for 1 hour via Zoom. If desired, we can also meet live.

Your investment

Determination to solve a specific challenge with Boundaries and
275€, all in one amount for 3 hours or
2x 143€, in two installments for 3 hours or,
3x 100€ for each hour.