I am a human, just like you. I love long walks in nature, sea and mango ice cream. Smile is my favorite companion.

I am your boundary expert, your employee caretaker, and your most honest coach. Helping others with their boundaries is not just something I love to do, it’s my calling.  I have been teaching boundaries for more than 20 years and worked with more than 1.000 people across different industries.

I am also a facilitator, motivator and communicator, and above all a researcher of endless possibilities and learning environments, as well as a lifelong learner. My experiences range from HR (human resources), journalism, marketing, public speaking, gaming, working with children and adolescents, and much more.

I believe that curiosity is the driving force of progress. With this awareness, I offer you empowerment and tools for every part of your life that doesn’t work the way you know it can.

Dear creator, welcome!

We all create the world we live in. I wish we had heartfelt and loving relationships to spread positive energy with each other and be kind to each other. The world can be beautiful and we are its creators.

The workshops and sessions I conduct are based on empowering people, researching, and personal goals that are beyond the limits of our mind.

As a child, I was very positive and cheerful. I knew how to make people smile with my sincerity and they felt good in my company. Then, somewhere in my life journey, I began to become more and more serious, almost obsessed with thinking and analyzing events and people.

There were fewer and fewer moments of laughter that made your abdominal muscles ache, and more of the constant dissatisfaction boiling just below the surface. At times, I was a real liquid. I also complained about all the things I thought didn’t work in society. I became annoying even to myself and could no longer bear to go on like this.

On the other hand, there was always a driving force in me that drove me to be a better person, to have better relationships, to be more open, to explore what my body is capable of, to be more entertained to find more truth about our existence.

What did I discover by working in different work environments and about life in Slovenia and abroad? Empowerment is key for people, not only in the work we do but also in all other areas of our lives. If the manager empowers his employees, they will be more motivated, less stressed and will experience general well-being. The same goes for school environments and for our relationships.

Curiosity led me to ask questions. When the time came, the answers started coming into my life. So one of the answers led me to the discovery of Access Bars®. The most wonderful techniques I have ever learned that helped me release thoughts, emotions and feelings that were no longer a hindrance to my daily life. I became more conscious and present at every moment.

If you have any questions that you would like to ask me, suggestions for cooperation, praise or anything else that you think is a contribution, I will be happy to contact me.

Contact: info@tjasastrle.com or 031 447 642

With love,


Key values:
  • Curiosity.
  • Balance.
  • Creativity.
  • Cheerfulness.
Goal and vision

My goal is to empower adults and children to explore all that arouses their curiosity.

My vision is to set up a school for children that will be innovative and out of the box. A school that children will go to with the greatest joy and that will equip them for the future to come.