I am your Boundaries Expert, your Employee Caretaker, and your most honest Coach.

I am also a facilitator, motivator and communicator, and above all a researcher of endless possibilities and learning environments, as well as a lifelong learner.
I`m a person of many interests, but my main focus during the last years have been Boundaries and Leadership.

I am empowering individuals and teams to first acknowledge and then start setting healthy boundaries in order for their relationships to thrive, as well as to be more motivated, efficient and satisfied at work.

On the other hand Future Leadership is all about people, taking care of them and assisting them so they can perform at their best. Exceptional Leaders have exceptional relationships with others, and that is something I am very good at.

I had a very high standard of compassionate communication and teaching others how to set healthy boundaries, as well as setting them myself since I was a kid (that was not always easy for my relationships). I was leading by example setting boundaries in my family. Later on, I was recruiting my coworkers, especially the ones I felt are being exploited in the work environment. Today I work with individuals and teams.


  • I make people relaxed and totally transparent with me.
  • Nonverbal communication and active listening is what I am trained at.
  • More than 10 years of training in communication.
  • Working with more than 1000 people across different sectors.
  • Delivered over 100 1:1 coachings and interviews.
  • Delivered over 50 workshops.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Communication.

I love to dress up as a superhero, sometimes also going like that on stage. I have been hosting workshops and delivering speeches for more than 4 years.


  • I meditated more than 375 hours in my life.
  • I had 16 bosses (if I count also short term jobs and more than one boss at the same organization) and I had to set boundaries with 13 of them.
  • I tested my limits with paragliding, jumping out of the airplane, bungee jumping, zip line, and flying with a balloon (last one not really a scary one).

I have a passion for democratic education and I am a strong advocate for empowering children. The best thing to recharge my batteries, or simply feel more in tune with nature, is spending time hiking. Traveling is also something which I just can’t imagine living without.

I believe that curiosity is the driving force of progress.

What did I discover by working in different work environments and about life in Slovenia and abroad?

I lived in Spain, India, Greece. Currently I am in Slovenia. Empowerment is key for people, not only in the work we do but also in all other areas of our lives. If the leader empowers his employees, they will be more motivated, less stressed and will experience general well-being. The same goes for school environments and for our relationships.

Key values:
  • Curiosity.
  • Balance.
  • Creativity.
  • Cheerfulness.
Goal and vision

My goal is to empower adults and children to explore all that arouses their curiosity.

My vision is to set up a school for children that will be innovative and out of the box. A school that children will go to with the greatest joy and that will equip them for the future to come.