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Let`s get to know each other. I`m Tjasa Strle, Boundaries Expert, and Employee Caretaker.

Above all I`m human, just like you. I love to live life on my own terms, making this world a more loving place for everyone. Long walks in nature make my heart sing, the sea heals my body and soul, and mango ice cream is just delicious. Smile is my favorite companion.



Are you ready to bring your relationships and well-being to another level? A level that brings you more joy, happiness, productivity, and success? If your answer is yes, then you`ve come to the right place. 

Healthy Boundaries are fundamental for every nurturing and joyful relationship, where everyone involved is equal to another. Let me show you all the areas where acknowledging and communicating Boundaries play a vital role for your well-being and how to get there.

Future Leadership

Are you ready to dive into the Future of Leadership? Are you prepared to shift your attention from you to your employee’s wellbeing? Ready to start giving more than expecting? 

I will show you why you want your employees to be seen, heard, valued, and therefore perform at their best. The Future is already here. You can be a part of it if you choose so.



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Tjasa Strle

Thank you nature for all that you are giving us! Every year I fall in love with autumn colours! 😍 What about you? ... Pokaži večPokaži manj

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Tjasa Strle

Z Denis Bornsek sva prebila led novih mesečnih FB Live z naslovom tabuji, meje in svoboda.

Prva tematika, ki sva se jo dotaknila je bila zavist. Vabljeni k ogledu!
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